Jun. 14th, 2008 11:28 am
so... today has been hot and slightly frustrating

Went to do some errands, had a coupon for 40% off a single item at Michael's which was cool since I need a 12x36 frame for a panorama I made. Get to Michael's only to realize the coupon is for AC Moore.

Back in the car.

On the way to ACM stop in Lowes since I need a few annuals for the front garden. They are crap. Someone needs to remind them in 90+ heat one must water. Daily.

So off to ACM and get the frame - coupon pays off to a $10 discount so the frame was only $15. w00t - go me!!

Off to Home Depot. And a stop on the way for the cheep ($4.019) gas - fill up - good bye $49 ::waves::

Home Depot's plants are much nicer. get six pots of 2 type of annual (I'll post picks once they're in.) plus in order for me to tell you what they are I need the little flags they put in the pots... Also bought special dirt for cacti and other succulents. Really need to get the ones I already own into the terrarium and not just sitting in it in their original pots... Also bought a hose on a reel for the front since I don't trust myself to install a traditional hose reel into the cement of my steps.

In between all the purchases at the Depot my brother called. He and the wife are running late to meet up with the parents on Cape Cod for the cousin's grad party. Would I call and let mom know not to wait? She, I call and leave messages 2x. Kinda weird since if she has her cell on she's usually with it and will pick right up. Half hour later as I'm leaving the Depot I realize I have been calling my parents' home number and not mom's cell... doh!

So I try the cell - nada. And my aunt's cell - nada x2. I am a shit head. Mom's gonna be pissed. Joe is gonna be pissed. sigh

Aunt finally calls back and has a good laugh at my expense. That was relatively painless. And both her and mom kinda were blaming themselves since they were on the porch and the cells were in the kitchen...

what a day and it ain't even noon

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