1. Go to the fourth folder where you store your pictures.

2. Find the fourth picture and post it.

3. Explain why you saved it.

4. Tag four others to do the same. - if ya wanna do it - do it, come on it's fun

taken at my family's cottage on the Connecticut coast; taken in 2002
for those interested:

While I was in CT for dad's b-day I took a series of shots of the beach front homes where my parents' cottage is... When I got back to MD, I stitched them together to make a panorama...

I had it printed into a 36" x 12" poster... it came today and I am rather impressed, if I do say so myself (which I evidently have...)

Anyway - now it needs to be framed - I'll post a shot of it completed once I get it all framed and matted.
hello loverly flist!

I have added pics to my photo pages:

Texas in April - this was a long weekend trip to Austin & San Antonio with a side trip to the Hill Country.

Heber Springs, AR - this was this past week - a work outing to promote morale and team building.

Also updated Raleigh, NC with pics from Old Salem and Renaissance Fair.

I have a special pic for [ profile] cabenson

and one for [ profile] fewthistle

and make sure to ask [ profile] fewthistle about this edifice:
I arrived in Raleigh around noonish (I should have been here at 10.20am but the plane had a bad sensor that wasn't discovered until takeoff and then we had to wait for maintenance to arrive from... somewhere) anyway, rented a car and drove to JC Raulston Arboretum at NCState. Also visited WRAL Azalea Gardens - a radio/TV station has these wonderful gardens on their property - very impressed.

Anyway - per normal, I have pics!

More Photos

Apr. 1st, 2007 06:55 pm
I wandered down the road a piece ('bout an hour) to Garven Gardens - a woodland garden owned by the University of Arkansas. It's just outside Hot Springs, AR.

Spring bulbs were basically over but the azaleas and dogwoods were at about peak.

Pics Here

closing next week, most likely Friday, moving the following week - all very exciting

bummer of the year: while I was out this AM the wall cabinet that housed my swarovski crystal collection - fell - the wire on the back of the unit snapped. found broken class & crystal all over hte floor - every piece damaged; 4 major pieces and 2 dozen smaller pieces - several thousand dollars, most of them gifts

sod is in - hope they remember to water it between now and 3 weeks when I take delivery of the house or they will be replacing it

tile has been put down; maybe now they'll put in my tub

my appliances are in the livingroom - kinda weird

lighting has been installed and deck is done (can't wait for the party!!)

went to the homestead yesterday - talked with the builder; making sure everything is progressing

Looks like we'll be doing the final walk through on the 30th of September for a closing the next week.

off to purchase a washer/drier and a frige

Well, not much got done between last sunday and today but since I haven't said much in 2 weeks, some stuff could be new. They textured the walls this past week and my inside doors and outside brick were delivered. I even have a house number now 14909. All kinds of exciting things...

I even started packing today

coming right along

couple if issues, like the developer not putting gas in the street in this section so a gas stove is out, but other than that all is basically moving right along
in case anyone didn't know, I'm building a house in central Arkansas. Why you may ask... well, it's a great place to get into the housing market (read cheap) and I'll be here for work for another 2-3 years, so it seemed to make sense.

As of Friday, I have a roof - looking like a real house

so very excited

after weeks of delays in pouring the slab, I have walls! or 2x4s that will one day support walls - close enough!


Made my Friday, let me tell you!

::happy dance::

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