sod is in - hope they remember to water it between now and 3 weeks when I take delivery of the house or they will be replacing it

tile has been put down; maybe now they'll put in my tub

my appliances are in the livingroom - kinda weird

lighting has been installed and deck is done (can't wait for the party!!)

went to the homestead yesterday - talked with the builder; making sure everything is progressing

Looks like we'll be doing the final walk through on the 30th of September for a closing the next week.

off to purchase a washer/drier and a frige

Well, not much got done between last sunday and today but since I haven't said much in 2 weeks, some stuff could be new. They textured the walls this past week and my inside doors and outside brick were delivered. I even have a house number now 14909. All kinds of exciting things...

I even started packing today

coming right along

couple if issues, like the developer not putting gas in the street in this section so a gas stove is out, but other than that all is basically moving right along
in case anyone didn't know, I'm building a house in central Arkansas. Why you may ask... well, it's a great place to get into the housing market (read cheap) and I'll be here for work for another 2-3 years, so it seemed to make sense.

As of Friday, I have a roof - looking like a real house

so very excited

after weeks of delays in pouring the slab, I have walls! or 2x4s that will one day support walls - close enough!


Made my Friday, let me tell you!

::happy dance::

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