why, you may ask?

well, it's basketball season - specifically, it's NCAA Division I Women's Basketball run to the Final Four (in Tampa, see icon)

And damn

Uconn spotted Rutgers 14 points in the first half but got in within 5 at the half - damn, the first 10 minutes was as horrid as I have ever seen a Uconn team play - but damn if the second half was just amazing: 66-56. And who could have foreseen a 90%+ FT percentage from a Uconn team that short 70% at best all year.

So, over the weekend Uconn will take on Stamford in the semi final game. If we make it through the Cardinal we'll run into either Tennessee or LSU (who tied Uconn's streak of 5 final fours in a row.)


well damn

Jan. 21st, 2008 09:55 pm
damn, damn, damn...

who would have thought? I didn't have confidence in them... after the first half, I really thought they were going to get up-ended by UNC again (since 1995, UNC is the only team with a winning record against us...)

but damn

they reached down and never relented and they won - big - at home

Renee Montgomery has been on a scoring tear over the last 2 games since Mel Thomas went down - 13 3-pointers in those games... damn

they are looking pretty amazing - it's gonna be an interesting few months

dear lord

Jan. 6th, 2008 02:20 pm
20 minutes down

UConn @ Purdue

UConn 53
Purdue 14

that is NOT a typo

aside from Mel Thomas not being able to hit a 3 - there hasn't been much negative here

17 minutes into the game and UCONN is BEATING Tennessee in Tennessee!

OK, it's only by 1 and they were down 5 just a few minutes again... but it's not the first time they've lead this game and the fact they aren't loosing my 15 already is a victory for me. After watching them play some uninspired basketball over xmas break - this is nothing short of amazing. Let's see how the last 3 minutes of the 1/2 play out and hope they can hold it together.

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