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Criminal Minds Dates

Well, after this last ep of CM there was some discussion of on inconsistency in Rossi's timeline.

Mainly that he and Hotch worked the school shooting/bombing 10 years ago (2001). [Painless; S7E4]

Well, it doesn't jive with the first ep Rossi was introduced in [About Face; S3E6]. Back in season 3, Erin Strauss noted that Rossi was out of the FBI for 10 years. An episode later [Identity; S3E7], Rossi himself notes that he was 52 years old.

So, in season 3, Rossi was 52 and had been out of the FBI since we was 42 (1997).

It is now 4 years later (2011), and Rossi is 56... so ten years ago he was 46 when the Idaho incident took place.

Here lies the issue; it's hard to be both 42 and 46 at the same time; also he supposedly left in 1997 but Idaho happened in 2001. Easily fixed if this was the 15 year anniversary. Since, really, why does 10 years have to be the whole 'big year' - why not at the 5 year anniversary? Just saying, it’s random and 15 would have not messed with the internal chronology of the series.

Rossi also mentions in season 3 [About Face; S3E6] that he was 'doing this before you (Hotch) were in high school; before they (the other agents) were in school at all" - so Rossi is, say, 10 years older than Hotch? Therefore in season 3 Hotch was 42. So, the series started when he was 39 (in 2005). Remember, Hotch also spent time as a federal prosecutor and also worked for Ambassador Prentiss while Emily was either in high school or maybe college.

Now, Emily we know: Her grave listed October 12, 1970 as a DoB (can’t see why they would fib about that)[S6E18]. So in season 2 (2006) she would be just turning 36. Season 7 would have her turning 41. So Hotch is 5 years older than Emily.

Other time line issues:
In Tabula Rasa [S3E19], we see the initial meeting of Garcia via flashbacks to 2004. She even mentions that the Blue Ridge Strangler case was “4 years ago”. Hotch also introduces Reid to a local detective as “our newest agent” during this ep. It is also noted in this ep, that Emily graduated from Garfield High class of 1989 (and was very into goth). Possible inconsistency: there is a Garfield High in Woodbridge, VA but that town is about 30 miles south of McLean (the Ambassador’s residence during Honor Among Thieves S2E20). Granted, the family could have moved, but Woodbridge is rather out of the way for an Ambassador heading into DC regularly.

So, I evidently have too much time on my hands.
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