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Criminal Minds
And I'm not talking fringe - that's a whole other issue that others have already covered.

Sex, Birth, Death
Season 2, Episode 11 Originally aired: November 29, 2006

A vigilante starts killing prostitutes when he feels that his efforts to clean up the city and get the prostitutes off the streets aren't being appreciated. Meanwhile, a young man who is having thoughts about stabbing women seeks out Reid to help him understand his thoughts and fix them.


For how good these writers are at character continuity they are definitely sucking at DC geography. I hope it's on purpose.

1. Kid approaches Reid at a Metro stop - the closest one to Quantico is 22+ miles north - unless Reid lives on a line (near Georgetown, maybe?) and then buses it from the end of the Blue Line to the office? Makes little sense.

2. JJ brings the team up to speed on the murders in the district saying: one of the 3 main prostitute strolls is McPherson Square (north of the White House) then immediately saying, the pros work around Capital Hill to hit the AM guys going to work. We're talking places a mile apart...

3. Hotch gives an ASAP press conference. Requests the conference from their office but gives it in front of the Capital. Plus then the Senator shows up supposedly straight off the Hill, but isn't their offices at Quantico?

Anyway, sometimes too much knowledge is a bad thing...

Just my Monday night ramblings
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